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Currently, CNC technology is increasingly popular in Vietnam and accounts for about 70% – 80% in the field of high-tech mechanical processing. CNC machines have been introduced to Vietnam since about 20-25 years ago, so the old CNC machines are occupied by a large number of factories and enterprises. In order for CNC machines to be available, stable and long-term operation, we need to maintain and maintain machines periodically.

When the machine has been damaged, needs to be replaced or restored, some machine functions are improved, we offer an upgrade solution.

With many years of experience in the field of maintenance and maintenance of machine tools and with a team of engineers trained at home and abroad, we offer a service to upgrade CNC machines to ensure contentment. Best regards to customers.

When to apply upgrade solution for CNC machines?

     When the mechanical part of the CNC machine is good, the mechanical deviation of the axes is within the permitted range but the machine has the following problems or problems:

   – When the power system – control is badly damaged, it cannot be overcome.

   – When customers want to replace the current control system by a new control system, meeting the actual production technology requirements of the factory.


Advantages of choosing a machine upgrade solution:

Keep and optimize the good frame.

Costs will be much lower than investing in new machines with the same control system.

The upgrade machine has a new control system with technology and optimization updated at the time.

– The ability to interpolate smartly and accurately.

– Ability to calculate and preview large processing scripts.

– Ability to communicate easily data. Large internal memory.

– Strong simulation ability.

field of application:

– Types of milling and turning machines from 2 axes or more.

– Types of CNC cutting machines: wire cutting, pulse, Plasma, water jet, …

– Other machine tools: Grinder, boring, drilling, punching, bending, …

– Common universal machines, NC machines have full parameters, ability to upgrade to CNC machines.

CNC upgrade process


Surveying is an important first step in upgrading CNC machines. In order to assess the current state of the machine, it is the basic for solutions for the most reasonable upgrade of function, stability, accuracy and cost.


 Controller, motor, inverter

Currently, there are many control systems in the world for CNC machines such as SIEMENS, FANUC, HEIDENHAIN, MITSUBISHI, FAGOR, OKUMA, GSK, CENTROID … Therefore, it is necessary to select a control system for fitting With technology, easy to use and installation.

For factories in Vietnam, the selection of control system and electrical systems of SIEMEMS, FANUC, GSK and CENTROID used for upgrading will ensure the requirements of technology, price and friendly, easy to use. .

The type of control system will give us the choice of the type of motor, the corresponding inverter.

Auxiliary system:

       Check the functions of the machine to create a recovery solution or add the auxiliary device to help work with the full capacity and highest stability:

Construction of electricity system:

       After selecting the control system and auxiliary systems, we have to build the electrical system diagram for the machine. Calculation of capacity, load capacity and stability, …


           Design and manufacture of mechanical parts necessary for connecting new electrical systems to the machine. In addition, the old mechanical parts and equipment were damaged and worn and needed to be replaced and repaired.


       Mechanical part:

– Installation of flanges catch new motor

– Soft or buly couplings that connect the motor and worm

– adjusting stop

– Cabinet containing new control system, new electrical equipment base panels

– Main shaft motor flange, spindle balance

– Sensor jig, …

Accuracy testing when mechanical installation

Electric part, control

Installation of electrical cabinet equipment

Installation of control system

Installation of engines

Installation of auxiliary systems: Sensors, water pumping systems, automatic lubrication, spindle cooling, hydraulic, knife stations, …

Go to the power cord

Test the entire system, run the test

Installing and initializing the control system:

– Determine the control system model and the selected model

– Determine the connection protocol and I / O details.

Drive and Motor module connection:

– Determine the model and connection standard.

-Check the I / O connection information.

– Connect the power module.

– Connect the motor drive modules of the axes.

– Connection control.

– Run, configure and assign control axes.

Connecting I/O modules:

– Check the model of  I/O module.

– Unlock the module and set up communication.

– Determine the addresses of Input and output ports

– Connect with MCP keyboard set.

– Connection with peripheral signals.

– Connect with Control.

Building PLC program:

      – Identify and synthesize all I/O signals.

      – Design PLC program in sync with the function and peripheral device of the machine.

      – Create projects for each control application

      – Download the program designed to the CNC control system.

      – Actual test of software operating and controlling peripheral devices.

      – Download the program for editing

      Complete and package the program in storage formats.

Parameter settings and adjustments.

Set up information about time.

Activate the electronic warranty book and software license in the control system.

       Set parameters:

       – Parameters for spindle.

       – Parameters for mode and axis control.

       – Parameter offset error.

Testing and optimizing axes.

Run the machine and check all functions.

       – Run the machine inspection program.

       – Run demo of functions of the machine.

       – Process Real product and accuracy testing.

       – Optimizing motion and parameters, ensuring stable machine.

Data management:

Package and manage data.

      – Data about parameters;

      – Data on PLC, PMC;

      – NC data;

      – HMI data;

      – Back up data on PMC and create a “photo” file about the entire data of the system.

Training and operating document

Document of electrical system, maintenance


         – After upgrading and maintaining machines, the transfer work to customers is carried out next.

        – Ensure customers grasp the entire technology, functions and operation, maintenance of basic maintenance and troubleshooting.

         – Processing products to ensure technical.

         – Handing over machines, documents and data.

         – Post-upgrade services: quick and timely troubleshooting, periodical maintenance.

The after-sales activities of our company for customers after purchasing not only stop at the repair, warranty machines on site, customers can phone, email or fax us to be Online advice and support 24/7.

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